The Mask Bar – Face

Advanced Materials Science Engineering for Skin Absorption 

“The concept of facial masks stems from wet occlusion processes increasing absorption of skincare ingredients. When the skin is in contact with moisture, active ingredients are absorbed more effectively through the skin barrier. Mass factory production of one-use facial mask sheets generates unnecessary environmental and plastic waste because of large quantities required per production run. Additionally, impregnating facial mask sheets with liquid essences requires separate packaging to prevent bacterial contamination, and have a fixed shelf-life of 3 years. Most end up being unsold at the end of expiry and end up being binned. The Dr.TWL Mask Bar is a concept I developed with my engineers as a eco-conscious solution to this problem.”  Founding Dermatologist Dr Teo Wan Lin.

Organically Grown, Biodegradable and Sustainable Raw Materials

The MoistureMax™ Skin-Healing polysaccharide facial mask is synthesized from a proprietary patent-pending technology that regenerates the natural vegetable fibre of a specific plant belonging to the Amorphophallus family. The plants are organically grown in a sustainable, pollution-free and secured area in Dr.TWL’s parent materials engineering facility. 

Eco-Conscious, Patent-Pending Processes

The raw plant material is subjected to patent pending processes in our parent biotechnology laboratory over a 12- day cycle under stringent temperature and time controls to achieve the unique 3-dimensional porous structure of the mask sheet. Zero chemical additives or plasticizers are involved. The laboratory is EUROISO22716 accredited, the gold standard in cosmeceutical and materials manufacturing.

  1. Raw Material Pulverisation and Oxidation
  2. Repeated Cycles of Steam-Processing, Dehydration and Freezing
  3. Individual Sterile Packing with 5 year shelf-life

Novel Polysaccharide Material—Dermatologist Developed for Sensitive Skin 

The final mask sheet consists of the purified raw material- at the highest concentration commercially available, 99% purity which translates into maximum clinical effectiveness when applied on skin. It restores the skin barrier- by holding the cosmeceutical essences in a hydrophilic(water-loving) membrane, releasing the micro-reservoirs over a 15-30 minute period when applied on skin. This enhances the absorption of active ingredients delivered via the cosmeceutical essences.

Reusable and Hygienic with Zero Waste

The reusable freeze-dried concept enables customisation of various cosmeceutical essences with a single product, without waste due to product expiry. The liquid essences are sold separately via the Mask Bar and can be purchased in bulk 60ml ( sufficient for 6 applications) or as single sampler 10ml application. For the fans of our cosmeceuticals by Dr. TWL Dermaceuticals, the masks are also designed for use with the Dr.TWL cosmeceutical skincare range to effectively increase absorption of active ingredients to target skin sensitivity/eczema, hyperpigmentation, skin dullness and uneven skin texture.

Mask Bar Pharmacy

The Conscious Face Mask

This mask was dermatologist-developed and engineered by Dr.TWL’s team of chemists, chemical engineers and material scientists with proprietary technology.

Epitome of Clean Beauty

As the first certified eco-conscious beauty face mask with cosmeceutical benefits, it has been subjected to stringent external testing and audits from raw material harvesting to every step involved in processing.


[European Cosmetic Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009/EC Guidance for the Testing of Cosmetic Substances and Their Safety Evaluation (SCCS/1564/15)]

Tested Free from
[Microbiological Contamination]
[Pthalates/Heavy Metal Content]
[Preservatives] 2-Phenoxyethanol 1-Phenoxy-2-Propanol
Methylparaben Ethylparaben
Propylparaben Butylparaben Isopropylparaben Isobutylparaben Benzylparaben
Test Method : European Directive 96/45/EC by High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC).
[FDA-Cosmetic GMP] Good Manufacturing Practices in accordance with FDA guidelines