#InfinityPalette – Pocket Sun

Pocket Sun is co-founder and Managing Partner atSoGal Ventures, the world’s first female-led next generation venture capital firm investing in diverse entrepreneurs. In the past three years, the two partners of SoGal Ventures have made ~60 startup investments around the world. SoGal Fund I has 70+ mission-aligned LPs from North America, Asia and Europe who are entrepreneurs, VC/angels, executives, and family offices.

Credits to Pocket Sun (From A Magazine)

What’s your passion?

My passion would be to help women see their inner power and light.
If you could describe your passion in a lip colour, what do you envision that colour to be ?
Brownish red, strong and low key
Lip Balm, Lipstick or Gloss?
Tell us a little about yourself
I’m an entrepreneur, investor, feminist and LGBT advocate. I founded SoGal while I was at graduate school and have been building a female-centric global powerhouse business since.
What do you like about the Infinity Palette?
It’s female-created, it’s customisable, and made of food grade ingredients.
What does conscious beauty mean to you?
To me, conscious beauty means 3 things.
First, conscious about what’s in it, its environmental and social footprint.
Second, conscious about what the brand stands for, who’s behind it. I vote with my dollars to support women-led businesses.
Lastly, conscious about the concept of beauty. How is it defined? Who defined it? What does it mean to me? How do I feel about beauty standards? Should I rebel against it?