Dr.TWL Custom Mask Bar System – 3 Month Subscription

$180.50/month (Choice of 2 active ingredients)

$200.50/month (Choice of 3 active ingredients)

$220.50/month (Choice of up to 5 active ingredients)

Add On: CollagenUP™ Facial Wand $650 $599 + complimentary Amino Acid 360°Masque


Read more about the Custom Mask Bar System here

Includes [10ml x 3, 9 Applications] 2 Polysaccharide Mask per month

Dr.TWL Portable Custom Mask Bar

Comes with a complimentary 4L Mask Bar for the ultimate Home-Masking Regimen. Designed for storage of the reusable MoistureMax™ Polysaccharide Mask with freshly compounded cosmeceutical essence vials delivered monthly right to your doorstep.

Power:DC 12V,AC 100V-240V. Volume:4 Litre. Power consumption:50-55W. Cooling: Down to 8°C at 25°C ambient room temperature. Internal storage capacity: 13.5*13.5*20cm. Product Size:22.5*17.5*24cm

Custom Cosmeceutical Essence Mask Vial 

Simply select your mask package with the desired number active ingredients and have it delivered right to your doorstep within 3-5 working days. Free shipping for all Mask System orders with code SHIPFREE.

Tick your desired active ingredients in the add-to-cart form below. Scroll down to Benefits for more details.

Eg. If you suffer from skin pigmentation and acne

Mask System [Choice: 2 Ingredients]

Tick on add-to-cart form: Licorice, Grape Seed Oil

Add on:

CollagenUP™ Facial Wand 

Cleansing + Treatment + Toning
Radiofrequency + Red Photon + Blue Photon

Dermatologist Designed
For Use with Cosmeceuticals

FDA Approved Device
Ultimate Home-based Skin Rejuvenation System

Read more about the Custom Mask Bar System here


The Mask Bar subscription comes with a Ask A Dermatologist Exclusive whereby exclusive pharmacy-based skin recipes are delivered to your mailbox every month, with tips on how to maximise your home mask bar system. Subscribers are also entitled to a “Skincare Tips Session” with Dr. Teo Wan Lin via verified email address for 1 skincare related question per month, answered within 3 working days with recommendation of custom prescriptives.



Read more about the Benefits of Clean Cosmeceuticals here

Dr.TWL Custom Mask Bar 

[Long-Life Brushless Motor] 30,000 hours running time

[Environmentally Friendly] Semiconductor Refrigeration

[Energy-Efficient Design] [Portable]

Custom Cosmeceutical Essence Mask Vial

Extracts organically sourced where available, EUROISO 22716 compliant

Sensitive Red Skin

☐ Algae Extract [Anti-Inflammation, Redness and Acne]

☐ Arnica Montana [Anti-Redness and Healing]

☐ Calendula [Sensitive Skin and Dryness]

Brown Spots, Hyperpigmentation and Dullness

☐ Mulberry Root [Anti-Oxidant and Skin Lightening]

☐ Yeast Peptide Extract [Anti-Oxidant, Skin Repair and Lightening]

☐ Centella Asiatica [Acne Scars and Pigmentation]

☐ Organic Licorice Extract [Anti-Oxidant and Skin Lightening]

Acne-Prone Oily Skin

☐ Organic Green Tea Extract [Anti-Oxidant and Collagen Stimulant]

☐ Grape Seed Oil [Stabilizes Oily Skin]

☐ Organic Honey [Anti-Bacterial and Soothing]

Acne Scars and Post-Inflammation Hyperpigmentation

☐ Organic Marrubiam Vulgare [Anti-Oxidant and Wound Healing]

☐ Centella Asiatica [Acne Scars and Pigmentation]


Use for:

Dr.TWL Mask Bar

[Storage] Preserves freshness of cosmeceutical essence mask vials at 8‎°C. Enables Polysaccharide mask to be stored wet in cooled distilled water packing for optimal results

[Moisture Upregulation] Application of the mask optimises the absorption of moisturising ingredients contained in cosmeceuticals.
1. [Soak] Gently remove the mask from the packing and soak in distilled water for 5 minutes.
2. [Cleanse + Dry +Treat] After cleansing your face, apply Vita C Gold™ Serum, Elixir-V™ Recovery Serum (Optional). When skin is damp, apply liberal palm size amount over entire face of your choice of the following and leave on for minimum of 30 minutes and then remove.
Pat in excess over rest of face and neck. Use twice a day for two weeks for optimal treatment results. Can also be used with the Home Medi-Facial Kit.

3. [Clean and Store] After use, rinse the mask with water and antibacterial Miel Honey™ Cleanser. Allow to dry naturally on a clean towel in a well ventilated place.

[Reusable] This product is designed to be reused up to 5 times under ideal storage and environmental conditions. This is a 100% preservative/chemical free product. Should you observe mildew growth, discard immediately.