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Moisturizer for Oily Skin: The Ultimate Guide

Hot, sweaty and sticky? Do you really need a moisturizer in Singapore? If you have oily skin, you might be thinking that moisturizer is the last thing you need. After all, isn’t oily skin already hydrated enough? But the truth is, moisturizer is still an essential part of any skincare routine, even if you have […]

Best Acne Skincare: Effective Skin Ingredients

Best Acne Skincare: Effective Skin Ingredients The best acne skincare regimen? Using adaptogens in dermatologist formulated acne care What is the best acne treatment? The ingredients in your skincare products are essential for acne treatment. In this first article of a series on adaptogenic skincare we will introduce the best skincare products for acne treatment. […]

Anti-Acne Diet: Does it work?

An anti-acne diet plan may sound too good to be true but is there truly evidence that suggests that a certain type of diet can reduce your chance of getting an acne flare? Many people consider diet to be one of the main lifestyle causes of hormonal acne. Is there any truth in that? Dr. […]

Soy Extract: Best Natural Skincare Ingredient

While the soybean is a dietary staple in most Asian countries, this subtropical plant’s cosmetic benefits are less heard of. In this ingredient spotlight series, we will go through the benefits of ingredients you can find in your skincare formulations – starting with the the benefits of soy for your skin, and how it works as one […]


Benefits of Grape
Seed Extract for Skin

Long before grape growers started putting labels on bottles, the ancient civilizations of the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans were growing grapes. In history, people have been using different parts of the grapevine for medicinal and cosmeceutical purposes – and for good reason. Therefore, a natural byproduct of the wine industry, grape seed extract, or Vitis […]


Caffeine for Skin Benefit

Many of us start our days with some form of caffeine in our cups – and increasingly, on our skin. But just as actively as some people love coffee, others dislike it. Similarly, caffeine in our skincare is a controversial ingredient. These days it’s not surprising to find caffeine in the ingredients label at the […]