#ColourOfPassion – Andrea Claire

Dr.TWL Custom Lip Lab teamed up with our favourite celebrity makeup artist Andrea Claire for the Lip Lab launch event, where Andrea shares her tips on how to get the perfect lip! 

Andrea Claire is a celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist with extensive print, advertising, runway and on-air makeover experience. She has worked in Toronto, L.A., Paris, Thailand, Singapore and New York. Backed by decades of experience, she has co-starred on makeover shows Canada’s Stylin’ Gypsies and So Chic . She has led hair teams for Canadian Idol, Asia’s Next Top Model. Andrea has worked on major campaigns for L’Oreal Paris, Revlon, Lancôme, Neutrogena, Unilever, P & G and editorials in Solstice, Shape, Bazaar, ELLE, L’Officiel, Lucy’s, HUF, Beauty Archive. Andrea has led teams for New York and Toronto Fashion Week, with a long list of celebrity clientele such as Liv Lo, Henry Golding, Romee Strijd, Lady Antebellum, The Bond Quartet, Alanis Morissette, Bill Nighy.. and Seal to name a few.

Andrea uses Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals to prep models’ and celebrities skin behind the scenes for major fashion and beauty campaigns. Her work featuring our brand can be seen here (https://drtwlderma.com/editorial-features/)

“As a Singapore-based Canadian hair and makeup artist who works on international celebrities and beauty campaigns, skincare with active ingredients, aka cosmeceuticals is extremely important to me.  My regimen for all has everyone leaving my chair with healthier skin. Lips have always been the forgotten skin care until now. Dr TWL Lip Lab’s ‘The LipSerum Stick’ incorporates an active lip serum base with customisable  pigment for picture perfect results that improve your lip’s condition the more you wear it. A total win-win to me! “ 

Celebrity Makeup Artist Andrea Claire 

Lip Tips by Andrea Claire (@aclairebeauty | aclairebeauty.com)

  1. Wear shades that complement your skin tone and not fight with it!

  2. Anchor your pinky to your chin for a balanced application whether using a tube or a lip brush

  3. Start at the bow of your lip – the top centre if you don’t know this

Finally, be your own trend! Sure you can inspire from the look of the season if that’s your thing, but honestly, just be you!