#ColourOfPassion – Sabrina Sikora

Sabrina holds the title as the “World’s Highest Paid Lip Model”, as mentioned on an interview “The Big Idea with Donnie Deutsch”. As a celebrated fashion model, Sabrina has worked for Harper’s Bazaar, Sports Illustrated, Victoria’s Secret, Vogue, Maybelline and Chanel, to name a few, including stints in New York, Shanghai, Milan, Miami and Los Angeles. Sabrina began her foray into professional photography in 2004, culminating in the founding of First Wife Studios Ltd. in Hong Kong. Her photography work has been featured in The New York Times, Vogue India, WWD, How to Spend It, Hong Kong Tatler, Prestige, South China Morning Post, Her World Singapore, Elle Men HK, and Home Journal. Her work is also seen in local and international brands such as Marks and Spencer, Tumi, Club Monaco and MISCHA. Since relocating to Singapore, her style blog TheFirstWife.com covers store openings, collection launches and designer profiles to trend inspiration, outfit posts and how-to columns. Sabrina is an ambassador for the Hong Kong Fashion Bloggers network and has been nominated Hong Kong’s  top fashionistas on Lifestyle Asia. Sabrina is also a mom of two lovely children- ages five and three and has lived in Singapore for the last four years.

What’s your passion? 

My passion is easy to define and it rests in two areas. First, my family and the time we spend together. And secondly my work which revolves around all things in the fashion industry. From modeling to photography to styling and writing, you are bound to find me on set in some capacity as it is what I have been doing since the age of 12. If there had to be a third thing it would probably be m&m’s…or iced coffee… or g&t’s.

 If you could describe your passion in a lip colour, what do you envision that colour to be ? 

That color would totally be a shade of deep red! I love a bold lip and the attention it draws. I love getting ready quickly and dashing from event to event with ease and I always feel that a red lip elevates any look instantly. It also gives and air confidence without having to say a word.

Lip Balm, Lipstick or Gloss? 

Lip stick no question! I have more than I can count!