Dermatologist Tips: Skincare Myths – Pores

In this article, I shall expound on the science and treatment methods of enlarged pores – a common problem for individuals with oily skin.

What are pores and what causes them? 

Pores are caused by firstly the appearance of blackheads which is a form of acne. The other cause of enlarged pores would be photoaging as well as chronic seborrhea which is excess production of oil by the skin’s oil glands. 

Can skincare improve the appearance of pores?

Skincare products such as cosmeceuticals which contain pharmaceutically-active ingredients as well as prescription items such as retinoids are able to reduce the appearance of pores by improving the regulation of the oil glands and resurfacing the skin either by an exfoliative effect or by stimulating healing and collagen formation. 

Active ingredients in skincare would help improve the appearance of pores. Active ingredients would include phyto-antioxidants (plant derived botanical ingredients) which help to fight free radical formation caused by biological aging and sun damage. This is all part of the glogau photoaging skill whereby as one ages, several skin changes appear. The changes are namely, the enlarging of skin pores, followed by skin pigmentation such as sunspots and lastly superficial and deep wrinkles. 

The Vitá C GOLD™ Serum is an intensely concentrated serum containing nano-formulated, stabilized Vitamin C. It revitalizes dull skin with anti-aging properties.

The Elixir-V™ Total Recovery Serum is an intensely nourishing concentrate of deep hydrating, lifting and tightening peptides for the perfect V-face look. It contains Larecea™ our trademarked extract of Brassica oleracea (a botanical extract from cruciferous family plants) and a super-power Japanese Knotweed plant extract which is a source of trans-resveratrol, a potent anti-oxidant that enhances cellular regeneration at night, without the irritation effects of traditional retinoids.

How can I make my pores disappear? Are there medical treatments available for enlarged pores? 

For it to disappear completely, it is quite difficult and personally, I would get started on a regime combining chemical peels, physical treatments like lasers in combination with topicals if I was very concerned with the appearance of facial pores. Resurfacing lasers such as the fractional-co2 laser, the carbon laser which helps to shrink the oil glands permanently are also helpful.

Home Aesthetic Treatment Devices

Dr.TWL SilkPeel Home Medi-Facial Kit With CUIONS™ Technology Copper-Infused Microcrystalline Tip has a dual cleansing and resurfacing function for cell renewal. It also causes ultra-gentle microdermabrasion with CUIONS™ Microcrystals and increases cosmeceutical delivery of serum absorption, improving acne scars and post-inflammation hyperpigmentation. The proprietary copper-infused Microcrystalline tip delivers skin healing cosmeceutical benefits that aids in anti-wrinkling.

The SilkPeel Home Medi-Facial Kit comes with gentle suction vacuum tip to remove dirt, debris and keratin, ensuring painless extractions. It is developed for use on sensitive skin and has 3 modes for oily, combination and dry sensitive skin. Watch our tutorial here.

To find out more about enlarged pores, read more here.

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