A Gender Neutral 360° Conscious Mask Bar

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“While it is common for women to attend facials, I do see an increasing number of men who come to my clinic for the same concerns. The key point here is that cosmeceuticals work, but only to the extent that your skin is able to absorb the active ingredient. The gender-neutral mask bar harnesses the concept of thermal energies for skin and hair, using a novel textile cosmeceutical to optimise absorption of an emulsion formula,” Dr. Teo Wan Lin 

In the age of gender neutral grooming practices, it is relevant to consider that compared to women, men generally are more accustomed to a simpler self care regimen. Addressing the important grooming needs is the all-in-one mask bar, with both heating and cooling functions for both scalp and face care, and the gender neutral grooming product – the Brow Laminator Kit.”

It is important to emphasize that aging does not have a gender bias. The importance of self-care extends beyond cosmetic value, but also for overall dermatological health. Increasingly, men are seeking treatment for hair loss too late, and finding out that too little can be done then. The same goes for individuals who struggle for acne and seborrhea, a common skin disorder, trying a myriad of over the counter products before deciding that they need to  see a dermatologist. The gender neutral 360° conscious mask bar is borne out of my experience of working with both men and women in my practice with 2 predominant concerns: hair fall, oily, seborrheic skin.

It is a myth that only women are the relevant target audience for self-care regimens. However the important aspect is functionality as well as efficiency of a system, where it is created exclusively for men. 

Harnessing Thermal Energies

“Thermal energies can be harnessed produce beneficial effects on the skin and hair. At extremes of temperature, damage occurs and that should be avoided. The key is to set the temperatures at optimal ranges at the cold or the hot end of the spectrum to enhance physiological functions and also improve trans-dermal absorption,” Dr. Teo Wan Lin 

The body temperature ranges from around 36.5–37.5°C. Our body maintains this temperature in order to carry out a key number of enzymatic and physiological processes for healthy functioning. We can harness these temperatures in dermatology for treatment. The key concept in harnessing how the body reacts to different thermal ranges, is that it contributes to physiological and psychological wellness. 

Cold therapy possesses anti-inflammatory effects and inhibits allergic skin inflammation. This occurs through decreasing metabolic activity, and inhibition of mast cells, which leads to a reduction in the inflammatory response1

Heat therapy works on the principle of vasodilation, in which blood vessels are able to carry oxygenated blood more effectively leading to better topical absorption. At the right temperatures the effects of heat on the hair shaft  can enhance integration of hydrolysed proteins. Vasodilation of the scalp blood vessels also absorption of active ingredients which work to rebalance the scalp microbiome.

All-In-One BIMODAL Mask Bar For Skin & Hair 

For Skin

The Mask Bar formula addresses challenges to skin absorption, targeting the barrier function for those with pre-existing skin disease, enhancing synergistic processes to reverse cellular senescence and incorporating novel biofunctional textiles to optimise treatment outcomes. 

Poor Skin Health 

This is referring to individuals with existing skin diseases like seborrheic dermatitis, acne, hyperseborrhea, rosacea. Cosmeceuticals can be used as adjunct therapy for medical skin conditions when formulated in a tolerable base2,3,4,5.

Advanced Age  

Individuals who are above the age of 25 have entered a stage of life where they are progressively aging with cellular senescence. Anti-oxidant active ingredients fight daily free-radical damage caused by lifestyle/environmental factors. 

Targeting Cellular Renewal and Absorption with Microdermabrasion

The rate of cellular turnover directly impacts the appearance of skin radiance- a marker of youthfulness. Retention of squames (dead skin cells) also impair the ability for the skin to absorb active ingredients. Exfoliation with scrubs are not traditionally recommended by dermatologists as this crude physical method disrupts the skin barrier and over time causes skin sensitivity, redness and irritation. 

The Mask Bar takes the in-office procedure of microdermabrasion right to the comfort of your home – with medifacial solutions compounded by the e-pharmacy and the technology of CUIONSTM microcrystalline tip – effective yet gentle enough for home use-for enhanced cell renewal and absorption. 

For Hair 

Normalising the Scalp Microbiome with SM-PLEXTM

Designed for use with the CUTISCOOLTM Biological Gel Cap which heats up to an optimal 50 degrees Celsius in the Mask Bar allowing controlled thermal energy release over 15-20 minutes for relaxing scalp and hair treatment at ambient room temperature. The heat increases scalp absorption of active ingredients in the shampoo formulated with proprietary concentration of medicated zinc pyrithone, salicylic acid and anti-oxidant copper peptide to normalise the scalp microbiome.

Hair Shaft Cosmeceuticals 

The Science of Protein Hydrolysis

Repairing Damaged Hair & Restoring Elasticity

The e-Pharmacy is a pioneer in dermatologist-driven hair shaft cosmeceutical development, with a base of volumizing hydrolysed protein extracts enriched with Camellia Japonica extract which extends the growth phase or anagen phase of hair6.

Targeting the Cuticle

The base is designed to coat each strand to volumize thinning or damaged hair shaft, which swells the cuticle with a blow-dry. Each vial is individualised after the virtual AI consultation with active hydrolysed proteins. 


360° Conscious Mask Bar – Skin
360° Conscious Mask Bar – Hair


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