Dr.TWL Dermacceuticals Founders

About Dr.TWL Pharmaceuticals

Dr.TWL Pharmaceuticals Corp. is the parent company of Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals, a EUROISO22716 accredited biotechnology facility with R & D and manufacturing headquarters in East Asia. Headed by pharmaceutical engineer Mr Teo Zhi Liang, it is a raw material supplier of quasi-drugs for cosmetic applications, specialising in the manufacture of state of the art ethnobotanical ingredients.  

Delivering the Best in Ethnopharmacology

Our focus is on highly tolerable evidence-based actives with pharmaceutical applications, including rare herbs derived from traditional chinese medicine(TCM). Our bioactives are carefully selected, backed by clinical studies, delivering the best in ethnopharmacology in the context of modern dermatology research. 

Leader in Skincare Devices and Biomaterials Manufacturing 

Under our Biomaterials arm, we offer OEM/ODM manufacturing under the gold standard ISO13485 for medical devices. We are a leader in the field of home skincare/haircare devices and are currently engaged by prominent skincare line Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals for ODM services. Our comprehensive approach towards device manufacturing allows a one-stop approach to prototyping/engineering/testing to the final manufacturing phase.  

About the Founder

Mr. Teo Zhi Liang

Mr. Teo Zhi Liang is a chemical engineer by profession, having graduated from the National Technological University with a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering, achieving first class honours. In addition, he was awarded the gold medal in pharmaceutical engineering in 2010 for topping the cohort. He holds a dual accreditation, having also graduated with a Bachelors in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University on completing his studies with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). Formerly a chemical engineer with petrochemical giant ExxonMobil Chemical, he specialises in quality audits and sourcing of raw materials for pharmaceutical purposes. He is the co-founder of Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals, a 7-figure beauty empire taken from start-up from its inception in 2016, to an established clinical skincare line it is today.

Dr. Teo Wan Lin

Dr Teo Wan Lin is a board-certified dermatologist,  internationally renowned beauty KOL and host of Asia’s top-grossing beauty podcast Dermatologist Talks: Science of Beauty on Spotify. Sought after for her expertise of Asian skincare markets, she has collaborated with leading skincare conglomerates including the LVMH, L’Oréal, Beiersdorf and Amore-Pacific groups. As the chief scientific officer of Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals, one of Asia’s leading clinical skincare lines, she has authored multiple research papers on the use of cosmeceuticals for treatment of the skin microbiome. Her work on biofunctional textiles has been published in top dermatology journals such as the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology and the International Journal of Dermatology. 

Join us as a trusted beauty partner with the Dr.TWL brand


  • Free hardcopy of skincare and haircare bible
  • Complete 3 hour custom formulation masterclass
  • Full set of skincare valued at $1,430

Work with us

What we provide

Dr.TWL Pharmaceuticals

For skincare brands, dermatology/aesthetic practices

  • Independent third-party QC audit for compliance to cosmetic regulatory bodies (ASEAN, International)
  • Dermatologist-testing 
  • Comprehensive collaboration
    • ODM services with our parent laboratory for large scale manufacturing
    • Skincare device manufacturing under our biomaterials/textile arm 
    • Partnership with an accredited dermatologist 
    • Marketing/media support 
  • 1-stop consultancy services for cosmeceutical skincare development, trends. market research 

For aestheticians, beauty entrepreneurs/start-up

    • For small-medium scale aesthetic practices 
    • Pop-up custom formulation service 
    • Specialised training provided for technicians (3-step protocol)
    • Consultation templates to build client loyalty
    • Low start-up cost (trial order option with low MOQ)
    • Certification Expert Skin Formulator by Dr.TWL Skin Masters Academy
Custom Medi Essence System


  • 35 client package
    • Retail value: SGD$1750
  • Your cost: $1225 (30% SPONSORSHIP)
    • 1 X full-size moisturising bundle (Milk Cleanser + Radiance Fluide Hydrating Emulsion) worth $380 for testing
  • >50 MOQ: email for enquiries
SilkPeel Home Medi-Facial System


Small scale/start-up: 

  • 10 client package
    • SGD $4500
    • Your cost: $2250 (50% SPONSORSHIP)
    • 1 X full-size serums bundle (Elixir-V + Vita C Gold) worth $410 for testing 
  • 20 client package
    • Retail value: SGD$9000
    • Your cost: $3600 (60% SPONSORSHIP)
    • 1 X full-size serums bundle (Elixir-V + Vita C Gold) worth $410 for testing 
    • 5 X Miracle Face Oil worth $275
  • Established small-medium enterprise: 50 client package
    • 50 client package
      • Retail value: SGD$22500
    • Your cost: $6750 (70% SPONSORSHIP)
    • 1 X full-size serums bundle (Elixir-V + Vita C Gold) worth $410 for testing 
    • 5 X Miracle Face Oil worth $275
    • 1 X full-size essentials bundle (Milk Cleanser + Radiance Fluide Hydrating Emulsion) worth $380
  • >100 MOQ: email for enquiries

What we offer:

  • Full video training
  • 30 min client strategy consultation call
  • Complete CUSTOM MEDI-ESSENCE SYSTEM start-up kit 
Dr.TWL Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing

Why choose us

  • Leading dermatologist-led biotechnology facility in Asia 
  • EUROISO22716 gold standard manufacturing for cosmeceuticals
  • Device manufacturing OEM/ODM services for skincare/haircare/textiles under biomaterials arm 
  • Proprietary reusable polysaccharide sheet mask technology 
  • Collaboration with established dermatologist and international beauty KOL Dr Teo Wan Lin
  • Direct access to top R & D team with specialised industry knowledge in asian beauty trends and cosmeceuticals 
Skincare Manufacturing Partner

Position Yourself As a Skin Expert

Who is this for?

Are you a beauty or skincare entrepreneur who faces these difficulties?

  • Struggling to build brand credibility/authority from scratch 
  • High MOQ for OEM/ODM, warehousing/storage issues
  • Have an existing beauty/aesthetic practice & looking to introduce a product/service that clients can only get from you and no where else

Here’s how Dr.TWL can help. For start-ups, small scale beauty businesses, we recommend beginning with a trial order of Protocol A, a tried and clinically tested custom skincare model with a proven >90% client retention/repeat rate in a dermatology practice. For established businesses or those with an existing client base, protocol A+B will help jumpstart your custom skincare formulation business with an immediate increase in business revenue. Both models are created with an optimal low-cost, minimal inventory, low-risk-high-rewards approach in mind for start-ups. 

Protocol A: Custom Medi-Essence Recipe For Skin Experts

The CUSTOM MEDI-ESSENCE SYSTEM is currently available by custom order only in our headquarters Singapore, jointly created by a pharmaceutical engineer and a board-certified dermatologist. It is a system created specifically to support our global beauty partners who wish to collaborate with an internationally renowned clinical skincare brand and gain access to a dermatologist’s formulation expertise. This system is perfect for 

  • Small to medium scale aesthetic/skincare businesses 
  • All-in-1 POP-UP customised skincare service experience 
  • Proven high customer retention/repeat order rates
  • Build client loyalty with a service they can get no where else 

Protocol B: Skincare Plus Accelerate Program 

The SILKPEEL MEDIFACIAL SYSTEM is a  2-IN-1 microdermabrasion/hydrodermabrasion device by Dr.TWL Biomaterials, our materials engineering arm. The protocol includes the complete kit and template for skincare professionals that allows them to customise a home facial peel package they can upsell to their clients. 

Why choose this?

  • Personalised to skin concern 
  • Instant results *guaranteed
  • Builds a long term client relationship
  • Easy review + adjust titration system with skincare planner template
  • Utilises latest technology in facial care systems 
  • Maximise your time efficiency as a skincare professional with hands-off DIY home facial system 

What you receive

  • Accredited international certification as Expert Skin Formulator at Dr.TWL Academy* valid for B2B partnerships
  • Access to low MOQ EUROISO22716 certified raw materials by Dr.TWL Pharmaceutical Corp., client consultation templates as certified reseller 
  • Successful applicants eligible for academy scholarships for course/training/raw material subsidies 


Exclusive reseller privileges with sign up of protocol A/B

  • Sign up as official reseller of our full-size OTC cosmeceuticals
    • Attractive stockist rates with high commission 
    • Option for direct fulfilment (international courier) for those without storage/warehousing facilitaties
  • Receive our full-size cosmeceuticals for one-time sampling 
  • Official reseller stamp accredited by parent company
  • Affliate commission rates


As part of our Q3 global launch, we are offering exclusive preview access to existing students of the academy. Discounts and bonus sets cosmeceutical skincare valid till 1 October for approved scholarship applicants.*all costs excludes international shipping fees. 

As of 2021, industry research estimates the global skincare market to be worth a whopping USD$146.7 Billion. Personalised skincare is set to form a significant proportion of demand, a niche with significantly lower competition compared to mass market or luxury skincare. Our comprehensive program is created specially for beauty start-ups and aestheticians looking to break into the highly lucrative skincare industry.

^Information regarding gender and nationality is requested for post-scholarship report generation only and in no way affects your selection for scholarship awards.