Customisable Finish— Lip Balm, Lip Tint or Lip Stain?

Every woman has a different preference and shade on their lip finish, so why should we be limited by what lipstick brands offer? Whether you are after a tiny hint of colour like your lip balm or a dramatic, long lasting lipstick colour—our lipstick lab can customise it to your preference, simply choose the type of finish on checkout. 

K-Beauty Inspired Lip Stain -Long Lasting, Low Maintenance Lip Colour

One thing that is unique, the pigment that you choose, be it sheer, classic or intense, they are all designed to be longwearing lip colours that will stay on throughout the day. There are various ways to apply it- the classic picture-perfect method as our key makeup artist Andrea Claire demonstrates here with our cosmeceutical anti-ageing lip wand, or- as the highly sought-after blurred lip look: dab a bit of pigment on the center of your lips, smack them together and get going! No teeth stains, easy post-meal touch-ups and buildable for a glamourous evening look. low-maintenance lipsticks.