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Fancy a “Skin & Hair Gym” membership designed by a dermatologist? The 360° Conscious Mask Bar is a gender neutral self-care concept centred on a universal compact Home Mask Bar System, with hyperpersonalised cosmeceutical essence vials delivered on a 3-monthly subscription basis right to your home. The energy-efficient 4L Mask Bar is designed to toggle between optimal preset temperatures of 8°Celsius for anti-inflammatory cold therapy and 55°Celsius for relaxing thermal therapy for scalp and hair treatment. 

Emulsion tech is fused with a washable textile cosmeceutical, the MoistureMaxTM mask, a 100% biodegradable polysaccharide material to increase transdermal delivery. Track your #skingoals with bioelectric impedance analysis that detects transepidermal water loss, elastin and ceramide levels in skin.

Dr.TWL Pharmacy, a skincare e-pharmacy processes your skin and concerns with a dermatologist-designed AI system that integrates teledermatology and functional medicine, before your prescription is sent out by a dermatology physician assistant.

Skincare Conversations – Sustainable Beauty

“The ‘tolerability’ of cosmeceuticals directly influences its effects on skin. Most of my patients have transitioned to a retinoid/hydroquinone-free topical regimen, relying instead on functional botanical actives, in a highly tolerable oligopeptide base. Oligopeptides synergise with LARECEA, an extract of brassica oleracea, to enhance beneficial cell activity for DNA repair,” board-certified dermatologist Dr. Teo Wan Lin.

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