Functional Dermatology for Next Generation Customised Skincare

The 360° Conscious Mask Bar – Skin and Hair Subscriptions also includes complimentary
access to Dr. Teo Wan Lin’s exclusive subscription only dermatology masterclasses.

Customised skincare in the beauty industry relies on artificial intelligence (AI) and real-time data to deliver product information to each user. Personalised skincare is best applied in the context of clinically active ingredients. In a traditional dermatologist’s office, prescription ingredients are compounded in the pharmacy to treat various skin disorders. The trend of customised skincare in Singapore aims to use non-prescription ingredients to counteract common skin concerns. Dr.TWL Pharmacy takes it a step further by using evidence-based, clinically proven active ingredients for the adjunct treatment of common skin conditions like acne, rosacea, reactive skin and eczema using an AI system trained in teledermatology to personalise skincare formulas delivered to your doorstep.

“The concept of facial masks stems from wet occlusion processes increasing absorption of skincare ingredients. When the skin is in contact with moisture, active ingredients are absorbed more effectively through the skin barrier. Our patent pending MoistureMax Skin Healing Polysaccharide Facial Mask has a unique porous structure that traps cosmeceutical active ingredients in mini-reservoirs within the mask, with enhanced delayed release of cosmeceuticals with minimal transepidermal water loss,” Dr. Teo Wan Lin


What is the cosmeceutical essence? How is it different from existing custom serums and skincare?
A mask bar with a universal, tolerable base, and a customised skincare concept. 
“For optimal skin absorption and repair such as in eczema-type skin, serums are not the best vehicle for delivery of active ingredients. This is why all skin medications are formulated in a lotion, cream or ointment formula, and not in a gel or serum vehicle,” Dr. Teo Wan Lin 
The mask bar concept is akin to your traditional apothecaries, involving a pharmacist compounded topical according to a dermatologist’s order. The mask bar cosmeceutical essences are formulated in an emulsion which is the ideal vehicle for skincare absorption and barrier repair. The lipid component repairs the skin barrier while providing a highly tolerable base to deliver the anti-oxidant ingredients via wet occlusion therapy using a plant polysaccharide material.
The mask bar contains pre-selected, evidence-based botanical ingredients, including those derived from traditional herbal medicines that have anti-inflammatory, anti-pigmentation effects. 
I have very sensitive skin. Can I use the mask bar?
The key characteristic of the mask bar as a dermatologist developed concept based on the principals of functional dermatology, means that the base is highly tolerable with minimal allergenicity. These are used in conjunction with medical treatments for various dermatological conditions such as rosacea, acne, and eczema. 
The Custom Cosmeceutical Essence Mask Vial that is included in the 360° Conscious Mask Bar includes different active ingredients for sensitive skin such as Algae Extract for anti-inflammation, redness and acne, Arnica Montana for anti-redness and healing, and Calendula for sensitive skin and combating dryness.
I have normal skin without symptoms of sensitivity, can I use the Mask Bar?
Absolutely. The key characteristic of the mask bar is that it uses a synergistic combination of evidence-based botanical ingredients in a universal, highly tolerable base of oligopeptides which help to stimulate healthy skin production of collagen, and repair the skin barrier. 
The subscription is paired with a teledermatology AI recognition system that pre-selects from a cosmeceutical database of over 25 actives to address targeted skin concerns. 
Can I use the Mask Bar if I have a skin condition? (ex. eczema/psoriasis)
Absolutely. Our mask bar has been piloted in a dermatology practice for the last year in individuals suffering from eczema, rosacea, acne, and pigmentation with no reported adverse effects and overall improvement in barrier function. The polysaccharide face mask is a plant-based membrane, a 100% allergen/additive-free sterile packed membrane, which increases the absorption of skincare and improves barrier function, measurable by the included Biocapacitance Hydration Analyzer. 
Can I use the mask bar if I am pregnant or nursing?
Yes. Unlike traditional over-the-counter cosmeceuticals, the mask bar is hydroquinone/retinoid free. 
When will I see the results?
You will start seeing the results from day 1 of application. Included in the kit is the Biocapacitance Hydration Skin Analyzer, which effectively bioelectric impedance analysis to measure the following parameters: transepidermal water loss, the lipid barrier function of skin, and underlying skin elasticity. Based on instrumental testing, application of moisturizer with the polysaccharide mask leads to an increase in hydration level.
How often should I use the Mask Bar?
The Polysaccharide Facial Mask is reusable for up to 5-7 applications. Each mask is reusable for the duration of 1 week. With your 3 month Mask Bar subscription, 2 polysaccharide masks will be delivered to you every month, which is sufficient for a twice a week application. The Cosmeceutical Essence Mask Vials are at 10ml each, and sufficient for 3 applications.
How is the Mask Bar eco-friendly? 
Mass factory production of one-use facial mask sheets generates unnecessary environmental and plastic waste because of large quantities required per production run. It is 100% chemical additive-free and fully biodegradable. The reusable freeze-dried mask concept eliminates the need for the environmental plastic waste involved in mass factory production of facial mask sheets. The reusable freeze-dried concept enables customised skincare of various cosmeceutical essences with a single product compounded as-needed on a 3-monthly subscription basis, without waste due to product expiry. 
Is the polysaccharide mask made with natural ingredients? Was it tested on animals?
The polysaccharide mask is plant-based and is 100% chemical/additive-free. It is also cruelty-free and not tested on animals. 
Will I get sun-sensitive from any ingredients in the mask bar?
Unlike traditional cosmeceuticals like retinoids and hydroquinone which are photosensitising, the active ingredients in the mask bar do not have any irritating or photosensitive side effects. However, for optimal results and for general skincare, a dermatologist-approved broad-spectrum sunscreen should be used*.

*The CUIONS Anti-Aging Fabric Mask with UPF50+ is the gold standard for photoprotection for the lower half of the face during the COVID-19 pandemic1.
Are there products that I should use together with the polysaccharide mask, or can it be used on its own? 
The mask is to be used in conjunction with customised cosmeceutical treatment vials. It is a novel reusable textile cosmeceutical that utilises a plant-based membrane for intensive transdermal delivery with cosmeceutical mask essence vials. 
How to use the mask?
Gently remove the mask from the packing and rehydrate in tap/distilled water for 30 seconds.
After use, rinse the mask with water and antibacterial Miel Honey™ Cleanser. Allow to dry naturally on a clean towel in a well ventilated place. Alternatively, it can be stored in its hydrated form in the BIMODAL Mask Bar – cold setting.


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