The Urban Farm Tower

Batch 1 SOLD OUT. Batch 2 accepting orders now. Height customisation and indoor lights available. Delivery 1 month from order.


The Perfect Herb Tower for Urban Homes.

No garden? No problem. The Solar Alga for your own herb tower is designed for small balconies or indoors with natural light. 

The first certified organic system, the SOLAR-ALGA Organic Urban Tower Farm is a compact hydroponic and aeroponic system that grows 45 different plants in just 0.14sqm of space. It is the first urban farming system on wheels based off the principles of soil-less hydroponic system. The roots are drip irrigated and oxygenated via the aeroponic technique, ensuring optimal root oxygenation and growth. The compact, easy-to-set-up modular system has near-zero water wastage. 

Grow your own seedlings fail-proof with the Self-Watering Seedling Germination Nursery included with every purchase (whilst stocks last).



The Urban Farm Tower

[Modular Assembly] Quick & Compact

[UV-Resistant] [Food-Grade Polypropylene]

The SOLAR-ALGA Nutrient System is formulated specifically to promote growth of beneficial microorganisms which prevent the growth of pathogenic species that cause root disease and crop failure. Additionally, the biological activators in the nutrient system extends the shelf life of harvested vegetables.

The Nutrient System

[Organic-Certified][100% Vegetal Extract]

*Up to 4 trellises may be attached for vining plants like eggplant, okra, zucchini, tomatoes and cucumbers. Trellis not included with purchase.

[Biological Root Activators] [Beneficial Microbes] Formulated for Robust Root Development

[All-In-One] Suited for Herbs/Leafy Greens/Fruiting Varieties

[Easy Titration] Seedling To Maturity

[Ecologically Sustainable] 0% Toxic Run-off Free



Dimensions of Water Reservoir: 37 x 37 x 20cm (25 L Capacity)

Energy efficient water pump (UK plug) with 1 year warranty

Footprint 0.14 sqm

15 Layers of 3 Pots each for 45 separate plants

Integrated Wheels for Mobility

Comes with Complimentary Self-Watering Seedling Germination Nursery 

45 Reusable MIRA-SPONGE Grow Media 

Each purchase of the Urban Farm Tower comes with a complimentary 1L Nutrient Solution worth $20

*Seeds not included. Non-GMO, fungicide-free seeds are recommended for use in the SOLAR-ALGA Organic Tower Farm System. For pest control, approved organic options such as Neem Oil are recommended.


Assembly instructions included with each purchase.