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Mask Bar Skincare

Dr. TWL Pharmacy is a conscious beauty/online skincare pharmacy concept by accredited dermatologist Dr Teo Wan Lin. It is an extension of a specialist dermatologist practice located at Royal Square Novena Medical Suites, Singapore. It houses a Custom Makeup Laboratory, which offers custom blend pure mineral makeup safe for sensitive skin users, as well as a Mask Bar which combines state-of-the-art materials science engineering with advanced cosmeceuticals for skin and hair. The entire makeup range features a refillable, reusable packaging concept- while embracing the luxurious, sleek aesthetic of its signature Silvexia Magnetic Palette.

Dr. TWL Pharmacy works with an accredited pharmaceutical engineer and sources premium pharmaceutical-grade ingredients for compounding of customised cosmeceutical skincare and makeup. Dr. TWL Pharmacy’s cosmeceutical bases are all engineered in its parent skin biotechnology laboratory by Dr. TWL Dermaceuticals, which is an EUROISO22716 accredited facility, the gold standard in cosmetic and skincare manufacturing.

Leaders in Cosmeceutical Science

“The future of makeup is about incorporating cosmeceutical active ingredients to its base, so that skin treatment is delivered with the aesthetic enhancements of traditional makeup. In my development of the mask bar concept, my team engineered the unique porous structure of the Polysaccharide Mask to trap cosmeceutical active ingredients in mini-reservoirs within, with enhanced release of cosmeceuticals with minimal transepidermal water loss to the environment.”

– Accredited dermatologist, Dr Teo Wan Lin

Dr Teo leads the research and development team of the cosmeceutical makeup lab and mask bar, incorporating her expertise in cosmeceutical active ingredients into makeup and customised facial and hair masks. She is a Fellow of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore (College of Physicians, Chapter of Dermatologists) as well as a member of the Royal College of Surgeons, UK. She is the author of “Skincare Bible – Dermatologist’s Tips for Cosmeceutical Skincare” which was published July 2019 by leading bookstores Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor and Apple Books. The hardcopy edition retails at all major bookstores from December 2019.

Cosmeceutical Makeup with Professional Makeup Pigments

The Pi-π Custom Cosmeceutical Makeup Lab offers an entire range of anti-ageing and moisturising makeup formulations—eyeshadow(matte, iridescent, and anywhere in between). These are exquisitely formulated with artist-quality pigments, incorporating cosmeceutical active ingredients and is also suitable for individuals with sensitive skin, eczema, acne-prone and rosacea skin types who develop breakouts/skin sensitivity.

Conscious Beauty- Minimum Waste with Maximum Beauty Benefits

The Pharmacy concept is centred around minimising packaging waste without compromising beauty benefits. The reusable Silvexia Magnetic Palette contains up to 20 tins of makeup- ranging from colour correction concealers, pressed powder, eyeshadow, cream blush and lip stains/lip serums— is coated with anodized silver which protects active cosmeceutical ingredients from UV degradation. The Pharmacy stocks refills in magnetic pans, which can be reused. Eye, Lip and Cheek colours are made-to-order with pure mineral pigments, bonded together in a moisturising long-wear formula with a proprietary blend of organically sourced plant oils with anti-bacterial/anti-oxidant properties. LipSerums and LipStains are also customised in lipstick form, and filled in a reusable Lip Case in our signature Silvexia packaging. Simply head to our Lip Lab for a refill when you run out of your favourite colour or have your old lip colours transformed into a palette!

The star of the Mask Bar is the eco-conscious MoistureMax™ Skin-Healing polysaccharide facial mask. The mask is to be used in conjunction with customised cosmeceutical treatment vials developed by dermatologist Dr Teo Wan Lin.

It is a novel reusable facial mask that utilises a plant-based membrane for intensive moisture delivery with customisable cosmeceutical mask essence vials. It is 100% chemical additive-free and fully biodegradable. The reusable freeze-dried mask concept eliminates the need for the environmental plastic waste involved in mass factory production of facial mask sheets. The customisable cosmeceutical treatment vials can be purchased in bulk with volumes ranging from 10 mls to 60 mls packaged in sterile syringes or refillable cream tubs.