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5 Must-Haves of Singapore Skincare Brands: Dermatologist Recommended

5 Must-Haves of Singapore Skincare Brands: Dermatologist Recommended Singapore skincare brands ought to tailor to Singapore’s climate, what do you think? What are the key characteristics of skincare tailored to tropical climates? Ever experienced frustration at your “melting” moisturiser and foundation because of the sweltering heat? Welcome to Hot & Sweaty Beauty, a podcast by […]

Mask Bar Actives

Dr.TWL Custom Mask Bar System Browse our full skincare menu here. Customised masks specifically curated to meet your personal skincare needs. Choose from an array of active ingredients for your specific skin type.  Get it shipped directly to your doorstep for your very own home facial. WHO IS THIS FOR? Are you a busy working […]


CONSCIOUS BEAUTY BY DR. TEO WAN LIN1 JANUARY 2021 Conscious Beauty by Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals stars model-actress Sara Malakul Lane, international burlesque performer Sukki Singapora and dermatologist Dr. Teo Wan Lin. Feminine beauty as a modern tale told by the girls themselves, through the lens of fashion model-turned photographer Sabrina Sikora.  Sara, one of Asia’s most […]


INFINITY PALETTE BEAUTY & BURLESQUE BY SUKKI MENON1 JANUARY 2021 What is your idea of beauty? For me, beauty is something which emanates from within. You can use all the products in the world, but you have to start with that base of inner beauty to radiate out. I think the concept of beauty has […]


INFINITY PALETTE INNER BEAUTY BY SARA MALAKUL LANE1 JANUARY 2021 What’s your passion?  My passion lies in learning new things. I enjoy studying and doing research on topics I am interested in. If you could describe your passion in a lip colour, what do you envision that colour to be?  I would say it would […]

Makeup Hybrid

SKINCARE MAKEUP HYBRID FOR REACTIVE SKIN Dr.TWL Pharmacy is a one-stop conscious makeup lab emphasising cosmeceutical active ingredients, turning the skincare makeup hybrid into a fully customisable reality. We also advocate zero packaging and product waste with maximum cosmeceutical benefits. Read on in our brand FAQ to find out what’s in our DNA. Tell me […]

Science of Light & Pigments

Dr.TWL Custom Makeup Lab uses pure mineral pigments FDA-approved for eyes and lips with zero bulking agents or fillers for its lip, eye and cheek formulas. For the cream blush formula, a proprietary botanical seed oil blend is used as a stabilizer and for its anti-oxidant effects. 100% synthetic ingredient/chemical-free makeup formula.