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HAIR & MAKEUP Andrea Claire | PHOTOGRAPHY Sabrina Sikora | BLUSH Feel Good Cosmeceutical Blush in Rose Pink  | LIP LipSerum Stick in B8



1 JANUARY 2021

What’s your passion? 

My passion lies in learning new things. I enjoy studying and doing research on topics I am interested in.

If you could describe your passion in a lip colour, what do you envision that colour to be? 

I would say it would be a deep plum colour. Research, learning and studying goes really deep and meaningful and sophisticated, which is what I think I would want to highlight in the lip colour.

Lip Balm, Lipstick or Gloss? 

I love lip balm. As I do have quite pigmented lips so I use lip balm or I found with the doctor’s lipstick, she has this really great nude that neutralises my lip colour and it just looks really natural. I am just a really big fan of looking natural. The colour that I like is from a customised lip palette. It neutralises my natural lip colour as I wake up with really bright red lips. I have very pigmented lips so I just like to neutralise it with a nude colour.

What’s your idea of beauty? 

I think someone that is really natural and comfortable with themselves and they think that being kind and a service to others really shows a lot of inner beauty. Inner beauty often reflects on your outer appearance.

What’s your take on how the beauty industry is now and how we can play a part to shape it towards a better, more sustainable future?

I really love the beauty industry right now. I am a big fan of all these disruptors that have come in and disrupted the old guard of beauty, like Estee Lauder and these kind of old well-established brands, which I think are great too. But it is really great to see young disruptors come in being all environmentally conscious and also conscious of animal testing. Also, because this is such a woman-centric industry, I think it is really great to see so many women disrupting.

For me, I am a total consumer and beauty junkie and I think what is really important is doing your research on the different brands that you like and looking into what their brand philosophy is, where their packaging comes from and what they put into the products. I used to be a huge fan of this one brand and I did my research to look further into the brand and I found out that they put paraffin into their products and I was like “Oh my god I can’t use this brand anymore”. I think these days people are getting a bit more discerning about what you put on your face, and you should be, as your skin is your biggest organ.

As a public figure—plus in your line of work, you do face certain pressure to upkeep an image, how do you view this? 

First of all, I feel that everyone faces this pressure because everyone is their own mini-celebrity thanks to social media. I do not think its just about being a model or former actress. Everybody is public and has their own Instagram or other social media where they publicise what they do in their lives. As such, I think that this pressure is universal and everyone has to deal with it. Whether it be your 5 followers, and those 5 people happen to be your high school friends who are going to judge you because you took a photo and you gained a bit of weight. Everyone has to face those issues and this is great for the beauty industry and skin doctors. Everyone is very consciously aware as everywhere we go now we have a photo taken, and this did not happen before. Not only is the photo taken, it is blasted out to everybody so you are just constantly pressured to look good. There is a good side and bad side to that. I feel that self-care and self-love and taking care of your appearance is a very big part of that. 

I do not think that you can ignore the pressure but you definitely can balance it and control your social media usage and addiction. I think I am quite private and I do not feel the need to put everything out there and I am quite careful. But at the same time, I think self care is really important because when you look good you feel good. When you do something nice for yourself, such as a facial,  getting your hair done or doing your nails, you immediately feel good. Your external forms your internal. You go out into the world and your interactions are better and you feel more positive. People can say ‘you are so superficial’ or judge you for having a 10-step skin care routine, but really you are just nourishing what is inside because you do feel better.

Some thoughts about your new journey as a mom to be?

I think it is just the most exciting thing that has happened in my life, more than any movie I have ever made or any career goal I have ever accomplished. This, it just really changes you as a woman and it is just really really exciting. You also think of things differently, before, you can be quite selfish but as soon as you realise that there is a little human growing inside of you, you just think of that human being. You don’t think about yourself anymore. 

I have actually been really lucky. Before that I was trying for a baby and I was looking at the different things women experience and I actually only have the good experience where you are just pumped full of estrogen and your skin looks good. But I am definitely not going to crazy things like laser treatment and stuff like that, you just want to be careful.

About Sara

HAIR & MAKEUP Andrea Claire | PHOTOGRAPHY Sabrina Sikora  | BLUSH Feel Good Cosmeceutical Blush in Rose Pink  | LIP LipSerum Stick in B8

Sara Malakul Lane is a mixed Thai/English/American actress. She began acting and modeling at the age of 12 in Thailand appearing in multiple TV series and commercials there and throughout the region in Hong Kong, Korea, India and China. Her comedy “Dumber Heroes” was one of the highest grossing Thai films ever made. After making a name for herself in Asia and establishing a solid fan base, she was cast in her first Hollywood production “Belly of the Beast”.

Sara is currently based between Singapore and Los Angeles. She has made over 30 feature films and has 4 movies slated for release in 2018/ 2019, most notably the female lead in the Kickboxer remake & the psychological thriller Sunchoke which has played at the Stanley Film Festival, FrightFest in London and was voted best new film by Sara completed a  2 year Meisner course at the Joanne Baron DW Brown studio in Los Angeles. She speaks fluent Thai and holds 3 passports (EU, US & Thai).

Sara has been on the covers of Marie Claire Thailand, Playboy Thailand, FHM and has had features in Sports Illustrated, Galore and the Los Angeles based Composure Magazine. She has over 400K social media followers. Currently taking a break from acting, Sara is expecting her first child in the spring of 2020 with fiancee Patrick Grove.

Sara Malakul Lane is featured in Conscious Beauty by Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals – a chronicle of the ageless tale of beauty. Conscious beauty is available on Amazon Kindle and at 100% of proceeds go to our nominated charities Action for AIDS Singapore and the United Nations World Food Program.


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