How to Get Glowing Skin: Ditch Skin Envy With These Dermatologist Approved Hacks 

Glowing Skin Intelligence

Don’t be envious of another’s glowing skin—here’s a dermatologist’s cheatsheet to get yours. 

Glowing skin tip #1 The anatomy of the glow

It all boils down to 4 factors:

  1. Hydration of the skin barrier 
  2. Antioxidant reserve
  3. Microcirculation 
  4. Skin cell renewal rates

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The Science of the Skin Barrier 

Dull, flaky skin is quite the opposite of the coveted glow—ever wondered why? The accumulation of dead skin cells aka the corneocytes on skin’s surface is bad for the optics. Light reflects off smooth…shiny…

Anatomy of the Glow

But skin is quite another matter. It a living organism so you have to play by its rules. 

  • Hydration/moisture

The fastest, most efficient way is to flood it with hyaluronic acid based serums and seal with a ceramide dominant moisturiser.

  • Antioxidant reserve

Antioxidants quench damaging free radicals. Your skin naturally produces antioxidants that do its job—but when you start developing the first signs of aging, that’s your skin telling you it can’t quite keep up. Incorporate antioxidant rich colorful vegetables in your diet and also never forget a well-formulated vitamin C serum in your daily skincare routine. 

  • Microcirculation 

Skin glows when the blood vessels under skin are healthy. This means nutrients are efficiently delivered to skin, ensuring optimal skin functioning. In addition, boost local microcirculation with skin massage (jade rollers do work!)

The Science of the Skin Barrier
  • Skin cell renewal rates

The skin cycle lengthens as you age, which means dead skin cells are retained on the skin surface for longer. Incorporate enzyme peels like papain and bromelain which are gentler on skin. These can also be used on a daily basis without the risk of skin irritation. 


The skin barrier loves being sandwiched by serums, lotions and creams. K-beauty skincare routines are backed by science. In particular, the layering techniques create an ideal micro-climate for skin healing. 

Glowing skin tip #2 The morning after


While you were sleeping…your skin cells were busy cooking up a GLOW! The mitochondria also known as the powerhouses of skin work hard throughout the night to re-energise skin stem cells. Beauty sleep means following the circadian rhythm of sunrise and sundown, as well as getting 8 hours of rest every night. Include your favorite glowing skin serum to help your skin get the extra boost it needs.

Glowing Skin Antioxidant Reserve

Glowing skin tip #3 The best retinol alternatives (irritation free)

Retinol serums were long considered the gold standard of OTC cosmeceutical skincare. However, the retinoid glow doesn’t work for everyone. If you suffer from retinol allergies, choose a retinol alternative like acetylhexapeptide, oligopeptide and natural sources such as brassica or sea buckthorn extract.

Glowing skin tip #4 The secret to the glow: adaptogens

Adaptogens boost skin resilience by offering:

  1. UV protection 
  2. Additional antioxidant reserve
  3. Anti-inflammatory effects

Photoaging is a form of extrinsic aging, which means that external environmental factors like UV radiation and airborne pollution accelerate the aging process. At the core is a concept which we know as inflammaging—a gradual process of low grade, chronic inflammation that eventually leads to cell death. Desert plants like aloe and portulaca are rich in adaptogens which naturally shields from damaging UV rays, boosts skin’s natural antioxidant reserve as well as anti-inflammatory effects to slow down the aging process. 

Glowing skin tip #5 Boost microcirculation with hydrodermabrasion

K-beauty popularised the aquapeel, while the western world developed its own hydrafacial. Both are based off the principles of hydrodermabrasion which utilises vacuum pressure to increase transdermal delivery. The skin barrier in the context of cosmeceutical application also presents a physical barrier to absorption. Hydrodermabrasion and microdermabrasion are techniques which increase the permeability of the skin barrier. Specifically, one possible mechanism is via increased local circulation which means blood vessels are more active and can absorb the ingredients more efficiently. 

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