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Oily Skin? Is Facial Mist Good for Oily Face?

Is Facial Mist Good for Oily Skin? In this episode, Dr. Teo Wan Lin shares her top beauty tips on what types of skincare to use and to avoid, especially if you have oily skin and live in a tropical city like Singapore. Her top skincare tip for those with oily skin? Always have a hydrating […]

Skincare Bible: Comprehensive Skincare Book by a Dermatologist

Dr. Teo Wan Lin hosts the beauty podcast Dermatologist Talks Science of Beauty available on Spotify, Apple and Google Podcasts. The board certified dermatologist is the author of the Skincare Bible, widely touted as the Asian Beauty Expert’s Guide to skincare in the millennia. An international beauty KOL, she was featured on Dior Beauty’s inaugural […]