The SOLAR-ALGA Urban Organic Tower Farm 

The SOLAR-ALGA is an energy-efficient hydroponic system Singapore. Rainy or cloudy days? The system is designed with an internal reservoir catchment that holds sufficient water for your plants for 12 hours.

The Concept— Tiniest Footprint with Maximum Crop Yield. Grow 45 Crops in just 0.14 square metres.

Enter the Fun, Fast growing, Soil-less, Organic Urban Farm. Chemical Free.

The SOLAR-ALGA Urban Tower Farm System is a high-yield, low effort hydroponic system Singapore. Designed for the urban home- combining minimalist aesthetic with modern Agrotechnology.

SOLAR- for being the first soil-less tower drawing energy from the sun. ALGA- Latin for seaweed, our organic nutrient source for your veggies.

If you want access to an endless supply of fresh vegetables and herbs grown right at home or simply looking for a more sustainable lifestyle, this is for you. Taking up just 1/6th the footprint of a standard size refrigerator, it’s the latest home kitchen must-have. It’s a great way to involve the whole family- an opportunity for the little ones to learn about food sources while enjoying the harvest, with minimal effort.

Sleek Design, Tiny Footprint with Massive Growth

Our vertical tower garden comes out tops with 45 plant holes (comparing to market average 27-36 plant holes for traditional 1 square metre set up). It comes with in-built wheels, with a 27 Litre reservoir which holds sufficient nutrients for vining plants (cucumbers, eggplant, zucchini, dwarf pumpkin) as well as herbs and leafy greens! No more massive tanks that take up precious space. 

A Fully Organic Urban Farm- The Secret of ALGA Seaweed

The secret ingredient? Our seaweed-based SOLAR-ALGA dense nutrient system contains biological activators that act directly on plant roots— powering root growth for rapid fruiting in a portable system.

A Truly Green Vertical Garden

The SOLAR-ALGA is a hydroponic system in Singapore – a home vertical tower garden that operates on an energy and water efficient system for organic produce.


Urban Tower Farm