Best Ingredient for Acne-Prone Skin: Medical-Grade Honey

We are most familiar with honey as sweeteners in tea, sweets and desserts. However, did you know that honey is the best ingredient for acne-prone skin? This is because it has antibacterial properties and is beneficial in acne treatment?…

Best Moisturiser to Prevent Dry Skin on Flights

According to Singapore dermatologist Dr Teo Wan Lin, the good news is that the fundamental rules of a good skincare regimen apply on flights as well.  Do you have sensitive skin? If you are prone to eczema flare ups when you travel,…
a potent skin-repairing ingredient

A Potent Skin-Repairing Ingredient: King Trumpet Mushrooms

You can’t go wrong with mushrooms - they are fat-free, cholesterol-free, as well as low in sodium and calories. They are power-packed with fiber, vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B, copper and potassium. These are not only important…
best wrinkle treatment

Best Wrinkle Treatment: Oligopeptide for Skin

Peptides prompt one’s cells to produce more collagen, the most abundant protein in the skin. They help stimulate collagen production and fight fine lines and wrinkles. In this ingredient spotlight series, we will go through the benefits…

Botox Alternative:
Acetyl-Hexapeptide 8

Acetyl-Hexapeptide 8, a synthetic BOTOX alternative, has anti-wrinkle, collagen stimulation and moisturizing properties. In this ingredient spotlight series, we will go through the benefits of ingredients you can find in your…

Dark Spot Treatment
with Niacinamide

Dark spots can occur as a result of acne, sun damage or a rash. Hyperpigmentation is a common skin complaint that manifests in dark patches on the skin and can be difficult to treat effectively, so what can you do about them? In this article,…