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Conscious Beauty Palette

Stylish Silvexia™ UV-Protective Palette- Zero-Waste Makeup Concept 

The custom makeup lab concept was conceived also to minimise packaging and product waste. A product of the Dr.TWL Biomaterials materials science engineering research, the Silvexia Makeup Palette is coated with UV-protective anodised silver, which prevents light-degradation of sensitive cosmeceutical ingredients. 

Ever felt frustrated at the plastic waste involved in makeup packaging? There is a need for correct packaging — which is stylish and protects makeup at the same time. 

It is a well-constructed reusable makeup palette lined with a magnetic base, with customisable tins that can be re-filled with lipsticks, cream blushes and eyeshadows of your choice.

Refillable makeup concealer

Refillable Makeup

Our specialty moisturising cream eyeshadows and blushes are formulated for sensitive eyes and skin, suitable for those with eyelid and face eczema. They are processed from 100% pure mineral pigments (FDA-approved for sensitive areas such as the eyes) and infused with organically sourced proprietary plant oil mix— specifically formulated without any pesticide residue. All our cream formulas are compounded fresh and shipped within 3 days of order. Option available for in-person consultation and personalisation of your colour for same day pick up (by appointment only).


Cream Blush
Feel Good Cosmeceutical Blush
Green Colour Corrector
Green Colour Correction Concealer
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