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Dr.TWL’s Advanced Colour Science System—Customisable, Perfected To Your Skin Tone

“What’s also trending is the concept of customised makeup colour palettes, which trained makeup artists have long experimented with as standard palettes may not have shades which complement all skin tones— so mixing and blending on the go to achieve the perfect shade is the way to go. With social media influencing makeup trends, there is also an interest in bold shimmers and pigments with special effects, known as ‘toppers’ which can be mixed with existing shadow and lip pigments to create unique colours,” Dr. Teo Wan Lin. 

The Dr.TWL Custom Face Palette comes in 3 complete Face Palette options (Light, Medium, Tan Skin Tones) and is based off the Dr.TWL Advanced Colour Science System, whereby colour recommendation and shade-to-skin-tone matching is developed in conjunction with leading makeup artists. The Custom Face Palette contains 10 curated lip serum colours with intense pigment payoff, 4 classic cream eyeshadows and 2 cream blushes imbued with moisturising ingredients suitable for sensitive skin users

The Ultimate Moisturising Cream Eyeshadow and Blush Formulas—with Intense Pigment Payoff 

The eyes and cheeks are common areas of sensitive dry skin— aggravated by cosmetics. The sensitive mucosal skin around the eyes tends to develop eczema, which can be triggered or worsened by application of cosmetic eyeshadow formulas. Dr. Teo Wan Lin 

The Dr.TWL Makeup Lab produces only clinical formulas that are dermatologist approved to be helpful and moisturising for extremely sensitive and allergic skin, distinct from other makeupbrands. In addition, we pride ourselves as the only customisable makeup lab to offer such services. 

Discover how our cream blush is different here.


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