Dr. TWL Lip Lab is the sole dermatologist- developed lipstick laboratory worldwide which houses the most comprehensive range of anti-ageing lip products— with a 100% edible base and customised to every finish on site by our trained colour scientists. Active lip cosmeceuticals like phytoceramides, our proprietary #DNALIP formula derived from purified Salmon Roe DNA are incorporated into each customised lipstick, for anti ageing and lip care. 

As a leader in lipcare-lipstick formulation with extensive R&D headed by an accredited dermatologist and a pharmaceutical engineer, Dr.TWL leads the trend of lip cosmeceuticals making its way into lipstick formulas and traverses the skincare-makeup concept. The signature LipSerum Stick launched in October 2019 .

The unique finish of our LipSerum Stick— attributed to the Pi-Effect, combines the individual refractive properties of micro-crystals to achieve an iridescent shimmer depending on various lightings. These microcrystals release pigment and active ingredients upon contact with body temperature, melting into a comfortable and lightweight, smooth, protective lip oil. The solid-state crystals prevent bacterial growth, and are protected by an all-natural antioxidant Vitamin E. This is ideal for those who want a natural looking finish in real life, yet have different requirements for its intensity on pictures and videos.